Ellen Thomas

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Ellen Thomas is a British furniture and product designer based in the North East of England. She graduated form Northumbria University in 2011 where she is currently a designer in residence.

Ellen’s work brings a contemporary twist to iconic products and furniture. She is concerned that attitudes towards products and furniture today are too disposable. Her focus is to create beautiful contemporary designs with added value encouraging the user to form an attachment with her work. In doing so she hopes that her pieces will be kept and cherished.

The mantle piece collection began as a mission to rejuvenate the classic carriage clock. The series emerged as result of a study into the changing form and aesthetic of the mantle pieces clock throughout the 20th century. The clock’s illustrate the passing of time and the transition from decorative to minimal taste’s.

The wall clock is a modern take on the art deco Starburst clock with a twist, with Illustrations by Ellen and award winning artist & illustrator James Prorok.

These limited edition pieces are hand printed onto walnut veneer and are available in a range of colours.

Ellen has put a new twist on the traditional to create this exciting collection off contemporary clocks. Her mantle piece clock collection and the wall clocks pay homage to the iconic to create this splendid modern-day collection. Solid FSC certified Solid North American oak is hand finished with resin inlay to create her Mantle piece clock collection.

Illustrations by Ellen and James Prorok are hand printed in gloss ink on a luxurious walnut veneer, to create her take on the starburst clock.